31 January 2014

de-stashing my life

Step one is generating enough funds to purchase the bus and get it on our parking pad so we can start renos.  Rather than try and run a bunch of photography specials or cut the kids off food for a few months, I have put my photography studio and all its contents up for sale along with several non-essential items in our house.  I thought I would be way more freaked out than I am but I am not.  I have classes scheduled through the end of May so I am sticking around until then, though.  It's a bittersweet thing really, now that I've discovered the idea of mobility I think my next studio should be in a caboose...  

Meanwhile, if you know anyone looking to buy a fully equipped studio and/or all of its contents, please share this:


www.MyEdmontonStudio.ca is in FULL OPERATION until May 31st. If you would like to book a rental, I encourage you to book quickly as limited dates are available  

Here is the existing calendar: 


Here is the inventory of all items currently available in the studio for sale.


Some items cannot be picked up until the last week of May but will not be held without a 50% deposit. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please PM me with the line item number(s) of the items(s) you are interested in and I will put your name next to it pending receipt of deposit (50% of purchase price) for items available on May 31st or payment in full for items available for immediate possession.

Anyone wishing to purchase the studio including all fixtures and furnishings, the client list, domain, website, FB page etc. is welcome to make me an offer however I cannot guarantee all items on inventory will still be included as until and unless I have an offer I will continue selling.

I'm willing to negotiate an earlier possession date and reduce the purchase price by up to $3000 in exchange for the new owner honouring all existing booking dates through May 31st. You would also be welcome to join all Dirty Little Secrets classes being taught between now and May 31st at no charge.

Monthly operating cost including utilities, rent, internet, security, and liability insurance is approximately $1500, though the new owner would be responsible for negotiating the terms of their own lease with the building owner.


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