31 March 2014

trying not to jinx it...

I have a wicked bus crush.  Because this is a prison bus, the windows are a lot smaller and I have a feeling it is going to be easier cutting out a few bigger windows than shutting up and welding in a bunch.  I also feel like the idea of a blue bird prison bus being attached to a lifestyle change called "fly the coop" is is kind of perfect, no?

fly the coop
Fig. to escape; to get out or get away. (Alludes to a chicken escaping from a chicken coop.) I couldn't stand the party, so I flew the coop. The prisoner flew the coop at the first opportunity.

Please keep your fingers crossed that it's not a dud...  we shall know on Wednesday... if the guy doesn't get another offer before then...

Keep your fingers crossed for us, would ya?


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