14 February 2014

the bus

found one.  might have found THEE one.  trying desperately not to get tooooooooo excited.

big question now is: where the heck do you park a bus?

(hopefully we can leave it sitting where it is until we get snow fencing up and can bring it home...)

12 February 2014

just. want. a. f*cking. bus.

So, I have very few prerequisites.  Very few:  Bus.  Diesel.  Runs.

Some considerations:

A friend says, do you not want a coach?  There is more head room.  You tell me.

Do we strike you as the type to live in this:

And what about the mods, you say?  (Ugly says I - who thought up this monstrosity?)

or does this look right?

And yes, a double decker would be lovely (like a 2-storey portable home!) but really, driving this down the Oregon coast, into South America, and up through the Bible Belt?  All I can say is, a) I hope there isn't a lot of wind while we're driving through Oklahoma or b) hills in the mountains and c) if we're on biodiesel I sure hope there are a LOT of McDonald's between here and there...

I'm feeling disheartened in the search for a bus...  If you know of someone selling a flat-nose (or dognose) Bluebird for $3000 or less... hook a family up, would ya?

In the meantime, enjoy a little OneRepublic.  Count stars not dollars.  Hope is our 4-letter word.  Word, yo.

(Why do I have the sudden overwhelming urge to shoot a music video?)