23 July 2014

garage sales are for the birds...

Talk about feeling like a caged bird... We decided to start culling some of the crap we had been storing in our basement cupboards (our of sight can no longer be out of mind, right?) and let me just say - this is the most incredibly boring thing a person could opt for.  Kijiji is WAY more exciting.  Actually, washing my toilet might even be more exciting.  I know now why I've never done one before, and will likely only ever do this once more...

Now that our holidays are done, we *should* be looking at getting some work done on the bus but anytime there is "free" time we seem to find ways of filling it up with social engagements, emergencies, non-emergencies, and pretty much every and anything not related to finishing work on the house and yard or gutting the bus.  I don't want to be a nag but Oh. My. Gawd.  I sit down to work on the weddings I have shot - the funds from which are paying for important things like the bus, renos, property taxes, holidays and tuition - and no one is shovelling the dirt STILL piled up in the yard, weeding, cleaning, moving...  When I start doing it myself I get shit.  If I ask other people to do it, I get shit.  If it doesn't get done, I feel frustrated.  It seems like we are never going to get anywhere.


How do YOU motivate everyone and get everyone on the same page without being a whining, nagging, bitter "I'll just do it my goddamned self" type?

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