16 April 2014

all the little pieces

After a very long and somewhat painful journey, we now sit here:

Bus is paid in full.
Inspection has been passed with flying colours save for needing a new rear bumper.
Bumper has been found.
Bumper is being delivered to Edmonton by my BFF's Dad so I get a coffee date out of the deal.
Bill does air brake training next weekend.
Spot has been found to park bus in the City for a couple of weeks until we get our fence moved.
Bus porn was viewed.


Of course the second the bus arrives, the first thing that will happen will be a very detailed process of measuring everything so that we can make a floor plan and start devising the reno process - insulation, plumbing and electrical will be first. Thankfully, we have a rather large group of very supportive and slightly crazy friends who are pretty excited about this whole project and are insisting on helping with everything from helping with the electrical to designing and building furniture.

There are lots of plans available for free or cheap online but of course none of them quite has all the things I want, starting with "smart" furniture that maximizes space by having dual functionality.  When I'm not looking at bus porn, I'm looking at convertible furniture porn like this:

Or is at least ridiculously compact, like this:

We are kind of toying with the idea of making the first official journey in her up to North Country Fair in June...  I imagine that will mostly depend on how far we manage to get with renos and whether or not we manage to find some free seats to install for everyone to sit in.  I imagine "camping" in the bus will be slightly less glamourous than camping in a tent, since it's basically going to still be just a big ol' box with air mattresses, a campstove, and a chemical toilet, but everyone seems pretty excited.  Guess I better stop looking at bus porn and start lookin' fer some seats, hey?

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