09 April 2014

"S" for "SUCKER"

Today was a day filled with an intense roller coaster of emotions including exhaustion, frustration, elation, relief, self-loathing, and anger.
  • pulled an all-niter to finish my term paper
  • worked all day
  • wrote my final exam
  • found a potential tenant to take over the studio
  • got screwed over by a guy I found on Kijiji who took our $$$ to do a useless bus inspection
Now I'm just having a nice little pity party until I get sleepy enough to pass out.


Lessons learned the hard way, right?  I got swindled today by some arsehole on Kijiji.  Luckily it's not the guy selling the bus - he's a swell fella and I'd even take him out for coffee.  While the bus "passed" inspection with flying colours, the guy who did it is not certified to sign the actual inspection form I need to insure the bus.  Bastard won't return my texts or reply to the email I have sent, and I imagine my money is now gone gone gone.


It's impossible to not feel incredibly stupid.  I figured since he was going to have to show up in person to inspect the bus, and since the guy selling the bus is a mechanic himself, if there was going to be any funny business it would have been caught.  I emailed the funds to the guy we're buying the bus from to pay the inspection guy cash, thinking this would safeguard me against him not doing the actual work, make him feel confident that there would be payment, etc. etc.  Of course it's all fishy in hindsight - he said I couldn't email him money because his bank account was frozen after a bum cheque, so he wanted a Western Union transfer... I offered to have cash available to him when he showed up... ba da bing... BAM.  Wicked scam.  I doubt I will ever track him down.

~insert a whole lot of f-bombs here~

I'm trying to be all long hair, don't care about it but I'm really ~insert more f-bombs~ pissed.

My only consolation is that buslife is happening, and if everything goes as planned we will have her in Edmonton by the first week of May.  This video of the Sheriff in action makes it easier to come off the pity party.  Ain't she sweet!!?? 8 seconds in reverse, baby - yeah!  Check it out!  (I have seriously watched this stupid video at least 5 times a day...)

If we have to insure her for 2 full months, there's a pretty good chance she will be taking us to North Country Fair in June.  We best be getting airbrake certification soon, hey?

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