11 April 2014

I feel like singin' a little Etta...

But I'd butcher it, so I'll save you the pain... enjoy:

At last a few things are going right, despite the blip of Scammy McScammerpants who stole our money like a bandit (~insert ironic prison bus comment here~) I still don't have a straight answer on who will and will not do a vehicle inspection on the bus.  I get conflicting stories from the insurance agent, the heavy duty mechanics, the commercial inspectors., AMVIC...  According to Transportation Alberta, they don't care about insurance safety inspections and any licensed mechanic can do the job.  Which is why I don't understand why my scummy little buddy "Brad Sando" aka "Leeroy Wilson" aka "new2calgary@live.ca" at 587.700.9062 won't respond, since he insisted he could sign but didn't.  (Feel free to use that info to get in touch with him and ask him, "WTF, over?" He says 24-7 so I see no reason why 4am phonecalls and texting aren't valid.)

His linked in profile says he's a seismic driller but he must not be a very good one if he's turning tricks on the side.  You can view his cornucopia of ads on Kijiji here In case his ads expire and you are looking for any kind of "26+ years exp jack of all trades"or "decks fences retaining walls" or "mobile mechanical services 24/7" or "pre purchase inspection" in Calgary, do NOT use this arseh*le.  He's, well... an arseh*le.

About  Smokes often with A Few Extra Pounds
Calgary, Alberta
44 year old Man, 5' 10" (178cm), Christian - other
Caucasian Gemini with Mixed color hair
High School
Gas and oil industry

According to his Plenty of Fish profile he's a rotund heavy smoking Christian "other" who is into extreme sports but has no personality.  I'm assuming "other" is a euphemism for "non-practising" since good Christians don't rip people off.  Or maybe that's just the two-sided nature of his "Gemini" spirit coming out like some kinda yin-yang, evil-good, asshole-wholeass thing...  (Note: This profile picture is out of date - he is much older looking and has long straight hair now).  As far as the internet reveals, he moved here from Ontario and he is not a nice man because he will steal your money.  And you don't have to just take my word for it either:

Anywho.  I don't know if this is his info either but whatever the case may be, Brad's a shifty guy.


I am on the hunt for a rear bumper so the Sheriff passes inspection with flying colours.  You have no idea how difficult it is finding the rear bumper for a 1993 Bluebird school bus until you go looking for one, and can't find it.  We have an insurance company willing to cover the bus, and I am *close* to having it signed up for an inspection but the bumper will be a fail.  Fingers crossed that I won't have to pay someone to tow the damned bus - AMVIC does not license mobile inspectors for their purposes, but there are lots of mobile mechanics who can and do work in the field doing insurance safeties.  Just gotta find me one with a legit shop and current license.  (Of course, you google for a "mobile heavy motorhome inspection" and you get Kijiji ads for arseh*les like Brad Sando the thief and con artist ~le sigh~ and it's kind of heartbreaking and frustrating.)

The BEST news is though that I found someone willing and able to take over the lease on the Studio!!!  As you can well imagine, this is a HUGE relief and weight off my mind.  They move in immediately, so part of my Saturday night will be spent cleaning out the back bedroom and a spot in the garage for all the personal items I need to remove ASAP, then going whole hog selling off the rest of the stuff I need gone.  This is the complete inventory.  I'm also placing ads all over Kijiji in the next few days.  (Actually, Bill is, but he doesn't know it yet...)  Please feel free to shop 'til you drop - just zip me a quick note via the contact form on here and I will put your thingers on hold for you.


Now that the bus is coming closer to coming home, we need to start considering names for her.  Initially, Nellie came to mind but I feel now like she should be called Helen Back.  What do you think?

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