07 May 2014

our bus in our town

The trip back from Airdrie with the bus was harrowing, to say the least.  For starters, it's May.  MAY.  I'm not stupid enough to expect +30 but this?  This was a bit much...

Despite the temperatures hovering around freezing and a steady drizzle of sleet-y precipitation, the roads were surprisingly good.

Unfortunately, the good roads couldn't make up for the fact poor Bill's inaugural voyage as a Q-endorsed bus driver was fa-fa-fa-FREEZING!!!  Between the cold and wind, the missing chunk of bus where one of the former emergency vehicle lights lived, and the heater not working (we don't know if it's busted or we just didn't figure out how to work it) it was a chilly drive.

We stopped in Leduc for a pee break and to get Bill some coffee to help warm him up.  While in the parking lot, we had no end of fun playing with the intercom... which still works...  and hopefully will continue to work after we start ripping up the electricals to find a) whatever short keeps draining the battery and b) to create the clean slate we're going to need when we start doing a complete overhaul...

About driving Bill said, "It's fun, but it's like I want more hours of practice..."  Aside of a tendency to favour driving WAY to the right (which is fine as long as whatever road we're on has shoulders) he managed brilliantly, maneuvering the bus safely into the driveway of our lovely hosts, who will babysit the bus until we get our fence sorted out.  

I got to re-park the bus today, so I've officially driven her, too, but I'm excited to get some real hours in practicing, real soon!

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