02 May 2014

So, this is happening.

On Wednesday Bill got his Q-endorsement.  Yesterday we measured out the yard, planned the gate in the fence, debated how close to dead the almost dead apple tree was and whether she should be trimmed back to accommodate parking the bus or just put out of her misery and cut down entirely.  Looks like we are saying farewell to my favourite apple tree, who last year didn't have the ability to blossom much less bear fruit.  Poor tree.  We are going to try and graft a couple of her branches onto one of the two remaining healthy trees in the hopes of salvaging enough to at least a make couple of pans of apple crisp, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Today, once we get the last piece of paperwork in place, we will have insurance and get registration done, pick up a plate.  Tonight we collect the bumper and pack the car up to head south in the morning, where we will spend the weekend visiting with friends, partying it up at the roller rink, and of course bringing home Helen.  We will have to park her at a friend's place for a couple of weeks until the fencing and tree are dealt with at our place, but at least she will be in the city and not some remote acreage where we have to drive an hour to visit her.  I can hardly wait to have her home, in our own yard, where we can begin the transformation.

Sidebar:  I found this killer trailer that would make an excellent portable studio.  Unfortunately, we are out of funds right now or let me tell you, this bad girl would be coming home to us, too.

Honestly, I would take her for the appliances alone and just convert the shell...  how sexy are these little babies?!

But if wishes were horses then beggars would ride, right?  So, I'll be responsible.  Property taxes first, bus renos next.  ~sigh~

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