20 May 2014

Sometimes no news is just no news

Last Wednesday, we went to get Clementine (her temporary handle because Clementine's an orange and orange is the new black) and attempt to get her in the yard so we could have a dumpster delivered and get busy over the May Long Weekend.

She made a funny noise when we were backing her in, so Bill shut her off and when we tried to turn her over again, the battery was dead.  We tried boosting her.  Then something under the doghouse started smoking.  Then this happened:

Now.  I am not stupid enough to think there isn't work that will need to get done on the bus.  It will need mechanical and electrical work.  I get that.  But really?  Literally, in the driveway at our house, she dies?  Another 40 effing feet was too much to ask?  WTF is THAT all about?  ~sigh~  SO, we have no news yet from the repair shop but w are hoping it's something simple like a loose wire.  Cross your fingers for us, would ya?


So, we spent the weekend working on things like moving all the plants from the front flowerbed to ~anyplace else~ so that we can deal with the creeping bellflower problem we have and removing the sidewalk from the side of the house so we can put in wells and regrade it.  It's a slow tedious process, yard work.  And I am very impatient and have ADD when it comes to projects that take too long.  That makes Bill my hero, because he is both patient and focused.

The final crunch is also upon me for North Country Fair and Relay for Life happens next weekend (as usual) and of course in the midst of this there are still so many things that need to be removed from the Studio and brought home before May 31st.  I feel like I may have to take some of my banked up holidays or I'm going to be pooched.  If we can just make it through the next 3 weeks, life will be sofa king jolly, though.


I need to keep my head together.  Cancel class and refund money.  Shoot Relay for Life.  Finish NCF program.  Kill weeds, build window wells, and shovel dirt.  Replant garden.  Lay stepping stones.  Hook up water barrels.  Get bus.  Gut bus.  File taxes.  Sew.  Clean house.  Clear out back bedroom.  Empty studio into back bedroom.  Get dumpster.  Fill dumpster with shit that can't be sold in garage sale.  Have garage sale with shit that can be sold.  Find new staffing for my little sister.  Go to work.  Hug kids.  Exercise.  Eat.  Sleep.  Wash, rinse, repeat...  This is what swims in my head.  I want to stick my head in the sand - it all feels so overwhelming.  Every year my ass is kicked by May and commitments I swear I'm going to divorce myself from every year but never do.  So, I'm signed up for three more solid weeks of sheer insanity.  Oh, give me strength.  The show must go on...

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